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Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is an authorization to represent or act on another’s behalf, even against the wishes of others. The person authorizing the other to act is known as the principal while the individual authorized to act is referred to as the agent.

About The Powers

New York State law requires the agent to be completely honest and loyal to the principal in their decisions. The laws governing what an agent can or can’t do varies between states, however they usually have the power to make financial decisions, make gifts of money, make health care decisions, including the ability to consent to giving, withholding, or stopping medical treatments, services and procedures and recommend any guardian. A power of attorney can be limited to performing specific roles. The scope defined in the power of attorney is what a court will enforce as being within its authority. A power of attorney is terminated when the principal dies or revokes the power of attorney at any time. At By the People Legal Document Service Providers, drafting a Power of Attorney (POA) will cost $69.00 in addition to the court fees.

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