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Legal Separation

Legal Separation Agreements

A legal separation agreement formalizes formalizes a separation while remaining legally married and makes temporary arrangements for the care, custody and financial support of the children. A legal separation allows the parties to retain certain benefits and obligations held during the marriage. A separation agreement formalizes agreements made by you and your spouse. The separation agreement is recognized by, and enforceable, in court. Legal separation agreements commonly address financial matters such as child support, spousal support, health coverage maintenance, as well as visitation. A legal separation agreement can be written to unsure benefits and obligations continue during the separation.

Scope of Separation Agreements

Legal separation agreements can also address issues such as mortgage payments, utilities, lawn care and maintenance and access to joint checking, savings and credit accounts. All issues relating to how money is spent and who is responsible for the assets and debts accumulated during the marriage can be included. Legal separation agreements are created to protect both parties interests during the separation. Legal separation drafting services are only $450.00 plus court fees.