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Healthcare Proxy

A health care proxy is a document that allows a patient to appoint an agent to make health care decisions in the case where the primary individual is unable to make these decisions by themselves. Once the document is drafted, the primary individual continues to be allowed to make health-care decisions as long they are able to. They allow a patient’s wishes to be followed even when he/she is unable to communicate them.

Two situations where a health care proxy is needed include temporary and permanent inability to make health care decisions. It is possible to choose any adult (18 years of age or older), including a family member or friend, to be an agent. Additionally, you can specify the types of treatments that you would not want to receive. These instructions are used to limit the decision-making power of the agent. An agent must follow these instructions when making decisions for the primary individual. The primary individual can give their agent as little or as much authority in making health care decisions as they want. At By the PeopleDocument Service Providers, drafting a health care proxy will cost $69.00 in addition to the court fees.

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