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Divorce Mediation

With Divorce Mediation, you and your spouse work with a neutral third party, the mediator, decide the terms of your own divorce and what is best for all of the involved parties including your children. Mediators create ideas and assist the couple in their decision-making process while focusing on the issues. Some of these issues can include child support/maintenance, retirement accounts, taxes, child custody/parenting and distribution of property. The mediator is responsible for formulating ideas which become the basis for agreements concerning a couple’s post-divorce relationship.

Uncontested divorce is different as it consists of both of the involved parties already agreeing to terms and conditions regarding the post-divorce relationship and any issues regarding assets, children and support.

At By The People, we only handle uncontested divorces. If your divorce is uncontested:

  1. Download and complete the divorce workbooks that pertain to your particular relationship/situation here.
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