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Divorce Court

Divorce is a state level matter and is handled by state courts. Each state grants each court type jurisdiction over certain matters in its geographical region. The state grants jurisdiction over any particular matter exclusively to one court type or concurrently to multiple types of courts. Each state grants jurisdiction over divorces to trial-level courts in its court system.

New York's Divorce Court

In New York, The Supreme Court is the exclusive divorce court. New York's Supreme Court is the trial-level court of general jurisdiction. The New York State Constitution grants the New York State Supreme Court unlimited jurisdiction in both civil and criminal cases and executive jurisdiction over matrimonial actions, which include both contested or uncontested actions for a divorce. Said another way, New York State grants New York's Supreme Court exclusive jurisdiction over divorces in NY. The Supreme Court in New York was created on May 6, 1691 and named the Supreme Court of Judicature; however, in 1846, the name was changed to Supreme Court. In an action for divorce in NY, the divorce papers are filed with New York's Supreme Court.

We Prepare And File Divorce Papers With Divorce Court

Our Uncontested Divorce in NY service prepares your divorce papers based on the information you provide in the workbooks regarding custody and visitation, support and division of marital assets and debts. We then files your divorce papers with New York's Supreme Court. Read about our Divorce in NY service. Read How to Get Started.